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We make the mural to the size of your wall.
Indicate width and height of the wallpaper mural in centimeters (Ex. 350 width x 250 height)
Customize your wallpaper graffiti
If you want to add a text or a name to your wallpaper mural, write it in the white box 


Available in 1 type of material:

EASYWALL: Washable paper, easy to apply. only with water, suitable for smooth walls. For stippled walls we recommend our magic windows or adhesive posters. You can contact us and we will give you other options.

Other features of our murals:

1. The design of the mural is made to measure for your wall, both in width and height, we enlarge and / or reduce the design to fit perfectly, our design department will make your mural to measure so you do not run out of any part of the design (drawing). In all sizes you will see the complete drawing.

Depending on the size of your wall we can add more elements of the same design to cover the blank spaces on the wall to make it perfect.

3. You can customize your mural, how? You can add a phrase or name and thus make your mural EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE. The phrase or names must be written in the customization box, we will use a font that fits with the text and we will place it where the design team considers best.

4. It is presented in strips of paper and the union of them form the complete drawing, the height of each strip will be the height you have requested. 

5. They are washable and easy to place.

6. The original drawing of all our designs are illustrated by our illustrator using watercolor and others, in order to achieve that effect that our customers like so much, it seems to be painted on the wall.

7. Own printing and manufacturing, with ecological inks.

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We have an area where you can describe the customization you wish for; at the moment of purchase you can include a sentence, a name or other things you have to consider on the wall (sockets, switches, furniture, etc…)


In case you tick SKETCH box, once your order is ready, our drawing department will start working on the graffiti and when everything is ready, it will send a preview by email. We will start printing only when the customer approves it. In the price you have two previews included, the third will cost 30€.

 Its positioning is very simple! The paper is thick so there will be no wrinkles or creases, WASHABLE and PRE-GLUED finish, you just need to wet the back of the paper and the wall with a water diffuser and the glue present on the back of the paper will activate, ready to stick strip to crawl on the wall!


We will provide instructions for use in your order, you have to follow each step and do it as you are told to. Remember to check that the graffiti you receive is the same you ordered, if you should encounter any problems DON’T stick it to the wall, because if you do you will lose your warranty.


If you have any doubts, you can contact us by email at info@ilmondodialex.net, by chat or by telephone 911126749/Whatsapp +34 628571797, our consultant for decoration will be eager to help you.


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