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ANIMALS JUNGLE Personalized Adhesive Vinyl

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If you want to integrate the name in the adhesive vinyl, write it in the white box

The original drawing for this adhesive vinyl was watercolour painted, that is why, once put on the wall, will look like it’s painted on the wall! The “hand painted” effect is what makes us different for our customers.


Make this adhesive vinyl unique by adding the name, in the photo gallery you can see where it will be printed on this model.


We have 3 different sizes: small/medium/large, you can see them in detail in the photo gallery.

Easy to place, all pieces are die-cut and shaped to be attached separately on the wall



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All our drawings are hand painted, watercolour or others techniques, that’s why, when set on place, will give you the feeling it’s been painted on the wall.


You can choose amongst three sizes, according to the space to decorate, very easy to apply, all pieces must be cut individually to detach them and stick them to the wall.


All our adhesive vinyl can be customized by inserting the name inside the drawing, every model has a different spot for that, you can see it in the photo gallery. According to the name/s the character and the colour can be different.


If you have orange peel white paint or washable paint on your wall, we suggest you to choose MAGICAL WINDOWS and PRINTS.


If you should have any doubts about the size, you can find a scale simulation in the photo gallery for all sizes and all the measurements in detail, so that you can check better. If you should still have doubts, just contact us by email at info@ilmondodialex.net, chat or by telephone 911126749/Whatsapp +34 628571797, our decoration consultants will be eager to help you.


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