SWEET DREAMS BABY BEAR PINK Personalized Adhesive Vinyl

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If you want to integrate the name in the adhesive vinyl, write it in the white box

Do you want your vinyl to be unique? CUSTOMIZE IT, nobody will have one like it!

These are the characteristics of our stickers:

1. Available in 3 sizes, in the photo gallery you can see the sizes in detail.

2. It is self-adhesive, so you only have to peel and stick on the wall.

3. Printed on matte finish paper.

4. Customizable! You can customize your vinyl with the name(s) of your child (ren), we will integrate it into the main figure. The font and color may vary depending on the name and color of the main design. 

5. It is presented on a white sheet, both the main figure and its complements (for example, stars). Each piece is cut out individually along its contour so that you can glue each one where you want.

6. Suitable for smooth surfaces (walls, wood, cabinets, furniture ...) If your wall is rough or has gotelé, we recommend another type of vinyl such as our Magic Windows.

7. The original drawing of all our designs are illustrated by our illustrator using watercolor and others, in order to achieve that effect that our customers like so much, it seems to be painted on the wall.

8. Our own printing and manufacturing, with ecological inks.

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We manufacture them in self-adhesive vinyl with a matte finish.

Printed with ecological inks.



Being self-adhesive is very simple, just peel off the sheet where it is presented and paste on the wall with your own hands.

Here is a link to a video tutorial.

Our vinyls can be pasted on any smooth surface, walls, wood, glass, plastic, furniture, cabinets... 

For rough walls we have other products such as magic windows, headboards and others...

Our stickers can be personalized with the name(s) of your child/children! We add the name(s) inside the sticker so that it is integrated.

Your sticker will be unique!

In the product card you will see a blank box for personalization, there you must write the name(s) you want, if you don't want to personalize it, you must leave it blank.

Example of customization:

In each of our vinyls there are 3 sizes to choose.

The approximate measures are:

Size S: About 60cm is what measures the main figure.

Size M: About 80cm is the size of the main figure.

Size L: About 100cm is the size of the main figure.

* Besides the complements such as the stars.

All our original drawings are illustrated by hand using watercolor and others by our own illustrator.

Once printed they have the magic of the original illustration and it is something that makes all our Mondolovers fall in love with them, they are truly magical.