DREAMS MINT Duvet Cover crib

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You can combine the duvet cover (sheets not included)  with the pillows and safety cushion that appear in the photo gallery, below you will have the possibility to choose the pillows, the safety cushion ... and thus create your crib set.

In the main photo the products that appear are:

-         Duvet cover

-         Pillow 40x40

-         Pillow 40x25

-         Nunit, the shaped pillow

-         Safety cushion for crib



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All our fabrics are printed and handmade by our workshop located in SPAIN, our SUPER GIRLS of the workshop make piece by piece with great care and professionalism.
You can select the pieces you want, you can also add the filling if you want! The cover is ideal for the whole year, in winter the padding is added for the coldest days and with the arrival of spring / summer the padding is removed.
Also, if you want to make it unique, add a phrase and name at no extra cost! In the 40x40 and 40x25 cushions we can also integrate the child's name. You must indicate this in the PERSONALIZATION box.
100% cotton fabric.
It should be washed inside out with cold water, do not tumble dry as it can shrink, do not wash with special detergents for whites, wash with a normal neutral detergent and do not mix with garments that can lose spots ... the ideal is to wash it from only.
Our fabrics as well as our wall products also have that "hand painted" effect as all our originals are hand painted by our illustrator. In the gallery we show an image of the original.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email info@ilmondodialex.net, chat or phone 911126749/640862555/628571797, our decoration consultants will be happy to help you!


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