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MAGIC CORNERS a corner where the little ones at home can let their imagination fly and live many adventures, a corner where they can spend a lot of time reading their favorite books! A place where we parents can lie down with them and have long conversations, tell secrets and read stories every night, before going to sleep!

MAGIC CORNER: composed of a one-piece wallpaper graffiti measuring 135 cm wide x 270 cm high, personalizable with a text that makes you happy and the name of the child. The material is washable and you can collcated it with water! Glue is not required! Like all our products, all our originals are illustrated by hand, so once positioned, the feeling is that of being painted directly on the wall! The end result is spectacular!

* If you want another size, write to us and we will study it!

MAGIC CORNER TEXTILE SET: Different pieces of textile make up this magical space, a pack of padded and washable carpets and some pillows to always be at ease! In a few weeks we will put all the products on sale on the web. However, if you want to order the textile pieces to match this theme, write us an email to info@ilmondodialex.net or call us and we will inform you!

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