Il Mondo di Alex was born at the end 2012 as a family business, with the aim of offering its customers a product different, innovative, unique and customized to the needs of each of our children's.

From idea development, design, manufacture, preparation and delivery customer, Il Mondo di Alex participates in each and every one of the processes, with the collaboration of professionals and specialized companies, with which we have to compromise agreements providing excellent service to our customers, we can ensure that we deliver the products have passed quality control and attention it deserves everything related to the world of children.

Our sales channels are available through our online store and most of our retailers that we are implementing in our country through exclusive agreements with stores specializing in child and adolescent world.

We started to make agreements a international level to be present in diferent countries, so we hope during 2015 you also will find in your region Shops areas with our products.

Il Mondo di Alex team is at your disposal to help themyou in everything that you need.

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