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Our ballerinas are preparing to dance.



There are two boxes where you can put your measurements and we will calculate the price for you.


You can put a sentence or a name, without further costs.


The drawing can take the whole wall or you can insert a baseboard in the lower part, as shown in the second picture of gallery.


The original drawing is hand painted, to get a “painted on the wall” effect, which characterizes our products and is appreciated by our customers.

Washable paper, easy to apply, just with water! Apply water to the back of the paper and to the wall (no glue needed). When you want to remove our wallpaper, you just have to pull one end and all the other strips will come off easily! 

You can already stick it to the wall. Suitable for smooth walls, rough walls require our MAGIC WINDOWS.


If you want our drawing department to make a SKETCH of the required graffiti, just tick the corresponding box (it has an extra cost)


In the DESCRIPTION we shall explain in detail all possible options.

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This wallpaper mural of the BALERINAS will make parents and children in love!

There are many predefined measures to choose from with a SUPER TIME to made, only 5 WORKING DAYS.
In the photo gallery you can see the design of the wallpaper graffiti based on the selected predefined measures.

You can also choose the custom wallpaper graffiti, in this case the production time is about 3 weeks.

You can personalize your wallpaper graffiti with the name of the child and with a text that that makes you feel emotions, so as to make it UNIQUE!

WASHABLE paper, very easy to apply, only with water! With NO TOXIC latex colors.

Below in DESCRIPTION we explain in more detail all the hallmarks.

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