WORLD MAP PINK Grey Background Wallpaper Murals

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Select a predefined measures for your wallpaper graffiti

This wallapaper graffiti has margins between 20 - 40 cm in the left, in the right and in the lower part, if you want match with your wall. Check the margins exacts with the image of selected measure.

SUPER DELIVERY! We made your wallpaper graffiti in 7 working days

Do you want your customized wallpaper graffiti?
Indicate width and height of the wallpaper graffiti in metres (e.g. 3.5 width x 2.5 height)

3 weeks time limits
Do you want to include a BASEBOARD to this wallpaper graffiti?:
Select the language of the continents:
Customize your wallpaper graffiti
If you want to add a phrase or a name to your wallpaper graffiti, write it in the white box 

World maps are trendy and the ones we have are full of animals and will enchant young children! In this map continents are pink and the background is grey.

There are many predefined measures to choose from with a SUPER TIME to made, only 5 WORKING DAYS.
In the photo gallery you can see the design of the wallpaper graffiti based on the selected predefined measures.

You can also choose the custom wallpaper graffiti, in this case the production time is about 3 weeks.

You can personalize your wallpaper graffiti with the name of the child and with a text that that makes you feel emotions, so as to make it UNIQUE!

WASHABLE paper, very easy to apply, only with water! With NO TOXIC latex colors.

Below in DESCRIPTION we explain in more detail all the hallmarks.

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All our original drawings are hand painted with watercolour and mixed technique paintings, to get a “painted on the wall” effect, which characterizes our products and is appreciated by our customers. Once placed, it will seem to you that the drawing was painted directly on the wall.

There are different measures to select with fast delivery times! We only need about 5 working days to made them. The predefined measure called POSTER is made with a different paper, it is a paper with an adhesive on the back and is suitable for all types of walls! Both smooth and rough. Both the POSTERS and the wallpaper graffiti (predetermined measures) are made of washable material.

If you wish, the wallpaper graffiti, we can also make them to measure, depending on width and height. Considering that we send paper stripes of about 91cm wide and tall as requested.
You must stick the paper from the left (very important) to right, the last stripe which goes on the right might have an extra white part that can be easily cut, once the entire mural has been placed.

In the option WALLAPAPER GRAFFITI CUSTOMIZABLES it is possible to integrate a baseboard which matches perfectly with the drawing; the baseboard is normally 100 cm tall and it’s the graffiti starting point. Like the graffiti, the baseboard will fit in the same stripe. For each drawing we propose a baseboard that we show in our photo gallery. If you prefer a different baseboard, contact us!

There is a field in which you can indicate the customization that you wish, so when ordering you will have to indicate if you want a phrase, a name or something to consider that can cover some important element of the drawing (Ex: sockets, switches, furniture, etc).

Easy to set! It is a washable paper that is placed only with water! You will have to spray the back of the paper with a water diffuser and voilat! Except for the POSTER format, which already has a self-adhesive on the back.

The installation instructions are always supplied inside the package, it is important to follow step by step and do as indicated. Remember to check the product received by comparing it with what you requested, if you find errors or defects DO NOT PUT it on the wall, because you lose the warranty.

We haven’t products in STOCK, the order enters our manufacturing plan as soon as we receive the CONFIRMATION from our customer. The hue of the colors may vary a little, depending on which monitor (PC, laptop or smartphone) you see the images, something that you will see once the product is printed, but totally normal and that it is not possible to predict.

All products are personalized (made to measure and personalized with names and / or phrases), for this reason devolutions are not allowed, even if we will always looking for a solution with the customer.

The new WASHABLE finish is valid for orders entered FROM JULY 28, 2020, the orders received before this date will be made with normal or adhesive-coated NO WASHABLE finishing paper.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us by email info@ilmondodialex.net, by chat or by phone 911126749 / + 34 640862555 / + 34 628571797, our consultants for decorations will be happy to help you!

IMPORTANT! All our designs are copyrighted and registered, their use and copying are forbitten.


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