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UNICORN AND FIREFLY Wallpaper Graffiti

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Indicate width and height of the wallpaper graffiti in metres (e.g. 3.5 width x 2.5 height)
Do you want to include a BASEBOARD to this wallpaper graffiti?:
Customize your wallpaper graffiti
If you want to add a phrase or a name to your wallpaper graffiti, write it in the white box 
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This unicorn is very special with his cute firefly!



There are two boxes where you can put your measurements and we will calculate the price for you.


You can put a sentence or a name, without further costs.


The drawing can take the whole wall or you can insert a baseboard in the lower part, as shown in the second picture of gallery.


The original drawing is hand painted, to get a “painted on the wall” effect, which characterizes our products and is appreciated by our customers.


Washable paper, easy to apply, just with water! Apply water to the back of the paper and to the wall (no glue needed). When you want to remove our wallpaper, you just have to pull one end and all the other strips will come off easily! 

You can already stick it to the wall. Suitable for smooth walls, rough walls require our MAGIC WINDOWS.


If you want our drawing department to make a SKETCH of the required graffiti, just tick the corresponding box (it has an extra cost)


In the DESCRIPTION we shall explain in detail all possible options.

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Wallpaper Graffiti are made on measure, according to the measurements given by the customer, in width and height.


 Its positioning is very simple! The paper is thick so there will be no wrinkles or creases, WASHABLE and PRE-GLUED finish, you just need to wet the back of the paper and the wall with a water diffuser and the glue present on the back of the paper will activate, ready to stick strip to crawl on the wall!

Suitable for smooth walls, we recommend our MAGIC WINDOWS for rough walls.


We offer another option, you can stick a baseboard on the lower part of the graffiti which goes perfectly with the drawing; the baseboard is normally 100 cm tall and it’s the graffiti starting point. Like the graffiti, the baseboard will fit in the same stripe. We provide a baseboard with each drawing, you can see them in photo gallery. If you prefer a different baseboard, contact us!


We have an area where you can describe the customization you wish for; at the moment of purchase you can include a sentence, a name or other things you have to consider on the wall (sockets, switches, furniture, etc…)


In case you tick SKETCH box, once your order is ready, our drawing department will start working on the graffiti and when everything is ready, it will send a preview by email. We will start printing only when the customer approves it. In the price you have two previews included, the third will cost 30€.


Its use is quite simple. The paper is thick, so it won’t create wrinkles or folds, easy to install! There are two options: NORMAL, which is wallpaper that sticks to the wall thanks to colourless glue, or ADHESIVE-COATED, just wet the back part of paper using a water spreader and the glue in the paper will activate and it will be ready to be stuck on the wall!


We will provide instructions for use in your order, you have to follow each step and do it as you are told to. Remember to check that the graffiti you receive is the same you ordered, if you should encounter any problems DON’T stick it to the wall, because if you do you will lose your warranty.


If you have any doubts, you can contact us by email at info@ilmondodialex.net, by chat or by telephone 911126749/Whatsapp +34 628571797, our consultant for decoration will be eager to help you.


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