Vinyl Carpet JUNGLE KIDS

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Write the name if you want to personalize your carpet.

Our carpets are ideal for the rooms of the smallest of the house, they will be the ideal product to complete the decoration of the room!

We can make the carpet, coordinated with the collection chosen for the wall, with the textile set, etc ...

Easy to place! Unroll the carpet and voilá! Without adhesive, like any carpet, it sits perfectly on the floor.

You can also make them unique by personalizing them with your name!

Because it has to be yours !:

- Non-slip

- thick 2 mm aprox

- Fireproof

- Unbreakable

- Waterproof and easy to wash

- UV and sun resistant print

- Easy to place

- 1000 gram PVC coated polyester fabric.

We have 2 sizes to choose from, if you need another size write us on whatsapp at 644.065.297 to ask if it is possible.

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