Individual infantiles placemat JUNGLE KIDS ELEPHANT

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Medidas mantel infantil:
Personalize your Individual Infantiles Placemat
Write the name of your baby

We present our ideal placemats for the little ones of the house to have breakfast, draw, paint ...

Also if you want to make it unique, personalize it with the name of the child, in the gallery we show you an example of how personalization is.

Characteristics of the placemat:

- Measures 30cm high x 47cm wide or 45cm high x 65cm wide.

- Exclusive design where the original drawing is illustrated in watercolors.

- Waterproof and easy to clean.

- Unbreakable.

- Can be easily rolled up and stored.

- Anti slip.

- Printed with ecological inks with LATEX technology.

- Resistant to the sun.

- 1000 gram PVC coated polyester fabric.

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