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Personalised Wall Painting



Hand painted effect and personalised

Once the order has been made we will contact you to discuss the details of personalization.






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US$85.65 US$64.24

These crazy pirates are trying to find a treasure that saves the moon. do you think they can make it?

Measurements of the wall. (height and widht).

You could see some white boxes where you can put the measurements and after that, you will see the price of the mural.

Can be personalize by integrating a phrase or a name with no additional cost.

The design can occupy the entire wall or we can also put some plinth on the bottom as we showed in the second photo at the gallery. If you have a couch or any other object, let us know about it!. We can move the objects and work in a way that nothing important with the final design can be covered.

The original design is painted by hand. That's the way we can find a real painted effect on our murals. And that's

the way we can find a real painted effect on our murals. And this is what really make us so differents. All our clients just love it!.

It is easy to put on! And we have 2 ways to do it. The NORMAL way that you can paste with colorless glue applying on the back of the mural or also the proported adhesive that you can wet it from the back. And that's it!

The minimun price is 94€, however small the mural is because it is a work design in each orders.

At once you place the orther, we will contact you, and after a few days you will receive by email a sketch, at the moment we get the OK of you is the time that we will start printing the complete design.

We will explain more details bellow in the description. 


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